Our mission is to combine successfully in a logical and clear system our experience of decades’hard work with an always developing spirit and up-to-date attitude. One of our main goals to synchronize the precious consequences with the innovative solutions of the future.

We provide an outstanding system and product package, which offers the most suitable support for each and every demand of a sustainable and conscious city, considering the above mentioned aspects.

For 20 years we have been working unstoppably on the liveability of the public spaces. Our aim is the optimazation of the availibility of public spaces, and the improvement of the user satisfaction and experience in several ways.

Since our company was founded, we worked for helping the city administration with the proper assistance in the construction and/or in the maintenance of the paying parking systam, furthermore with the support any task of the municipalities regarrding the cases of public spaces. Our support is mainly provided by extended IT services. Our services are based on simple solutions, on clear but still multifunctional mechanisms and processes, and on an always and efficient approach. As a result of our two decades old experiences, our product has born with all the features, which one needs to handle each and every challenge, question, issue and task, which might appear on the field of the public space management. After christallyzing our mission and mapping precisely the demands of our partners, we have understood the importance of the innovation and the dynamic presence on the social network. We got to know the concept of smart city , its ideas, methods, and functions.


Challenges of a modern city

Every modern city which was able to organize its social and public for a flawless symbiosis suitable for everyone, has to face some problems regarding some functions. In the effecient co-living usually these are the challenges, which the cities have to deal with. Therefore we are searching solutions and we build strategies for these disadvantageous issues:

  • Parking in public: the common problem is the lack of parking places, and of organized controlls, meanwhile there is significant number of cases of offensive parkings, which are harmful to the environment
  • Factors which put obstacles for the cleaning methods of the public spaces
  • Traffic jams
  • Illegal use of the public spaces
  • Criminality in public
  • Lack of communication with the community, the performance of the message flow gets stuck or too slow


We are working on an efficient and properly controlled system hand in hand with the municipalities and city administration to solve all the problems which pop up. We do have our prepared and ready solutions for these problematic cases, which have been costumized following the needs and expectations of the municipalities. Our solutions are flexible, and always available to be modified for the given case and given partner.

Our consequence is that besides the regulations and sanctions, our task is to offer space for a blooming collaboration of the local citizens with several benefits and supports (for instance, parking discounts). Furthermore, we offer possibility to controll clearly the behaviour of the citizens following a logical regulation, and to use consistent sanctions which are built on each other.

The above mentioned details should be realized in a way that it is able to offer the possibility for the given district’s (or the city centre’s) to decrease the transit traffic, and to put limits of the parking discounts and opportunities of the visitors. Another important aspect is to offer for the residents a relatively small targeted space and time for their parking discounts which means benefits for them compared to the visitors. Last but not least it is worth to mention the importance of a unique system, from where the violation of the city regulations and owes created from fines given by the city administration can be availabe in case that our customers contact us with any kind of issue regarding the city(our customers can be visitors, residents, and commuters as well).

We can fullfill these conditions and expections by transforming the public services and their tools of the given city into an online system, which has complex IT and electronic process background. After collecting the big data, we analyze the events which have happened in it, and afterwards we got our conclusions for more efficient functions and controll.

All these factors effect on the work of the city police, the parking operations, of the group of public sanitation, the entities of several constructions, the group of public road operation, of the group of the permission processes, of the group of the public space renting processes, the responsible group for the road signals and warning signals, the group of finance, the responsible groups for the taxes and fees, the responsible group for the payment devices, and of the customer service group.

Based on the demands of the above mentioned sectors and entities our complex process system has been created, which is able to serve those expectations by supporting the below written functions, by collecting big data, by supporting the case processes: támogatására végzésére:
  • The precise mapping process of the existing regulation environment and in case the support of the needed modifications
  • Support of the traffic design
  • Organization of the road signals and information boards
  • The placement and manutention of city payment devices
    • Purchasing parking ticket
    • Charging electric cars
    • Purchasing e-tickets
    • City information and advertisement placement with the help of digital signage
  • Automatic actions in case if it is required based on the images of the surveillance cameras
    • Sanctioning the ones who have violated the rules (for instances forbidden turnings, lack of entry permit, etc)
    • Reading car plates and forwarding them automatically to the police (filtering processes to help the chasing methods of the police)
  • Sanctioning the public space regulation breakers
  • Support of wheel clamp application
  • Prviding discounts and controlling the use of the discounts
  • Providing parking permits and controlling the use of those permits
  • Providing entry permits and controlling the use of those permits
  • Sanctioning and controlling the public parking, and validating the benefits, realizing parking zones, fees and prices in the same time
  • Managing closed parking zones, providing and controlling permits for them
  • Take over and analysis of the data of the systems of free parking places
  • • Evolving processes for the payment methods
    • Possibility for payment with coins at the city devices
    • Possibility for payment with coins at the city devices
    • Mobile payment system with central accounting system
    • Availibility of several pre-paid payment system with several benefits at the city payment devices
  • Realization of the complaint and registration platform for the oublic sanitation group, controlling the highly polluted spaces by surveillance cameras
  • Following he responsible staff for the controlls by GPS and the realization of efficient dispatcher service
  • Realization of efficient back-office costumer service
  • Realization of Call Center function
  • Demand and retortion management

To set up the above mentioned services we provide proper quality toolkit:
  • Multifunctional city device- dokk urban station
  • Tools for supporting the mobile data collector and action system – PDA, printer
  • Complex IT system for completing the tasks analyzing the data
  • More than 20 years of experience in using the the systems on daily basis
  • Experiences of the realization of the realization of the regulation system of several cities
  • References

Dokk urban station pruduct family

The public place and parking management system (P3MS) has more than 40 types of moduls, which are embracing each and every compatible task in a secure and closed network:
  • Controlls, queries, and information collections regarding regarding the public place and parking management system
  • Permissions for residents’ parking, follow-up and database of the permits
  • Efficient implementation of the police sanction in case of the violation of the rules
  • Complete handling of the administrative background processes
  • Possibility for the citizens to solve their issues and controll their cases
  • Complete handling of internal and external accounting tasks ( administration, reports, owes, etc.)
  • Managment of the notifications and documents
These moduls do not need any kind of support system, there is no need to purchase any other paying software system. To make the entire system function properly only the basic infrastructure is needed.

Smart City Service Kiosk – dokk urban station – SCSK

Our philosophy:
The Smart City Service Kiosk’s systems offer the possibility of extensions for costumers regarding the city informations and parking informations. Meanwhile our system guarantees simples and flawless transactions. The urban dokk station makes available not only all the functions, which are required to make a smart city work, but it designs quicker and smoother updates to satisfy the further expectattions. Thanks to this up-to-date approach of the device, it is able to integrate immediately the newest functions, for instance it prvides space for city informations and digital advertisement with the help of the high quality display with digital signage. Furthermore it provides the possibility to start emergency calls, normal phone calls functions, and the charging function for the electronic cars. This way it gives significant support to realize and maintain an environment friendly and safe city.

Trustworthy and innovative technology:
Dokk urban station provides a screen in the size of 17 inch, moreover it has credit, debit, and loyality card reader, the possibility to print and it owns a coin authentication tester. This compact package of services means a construction which guarantees high level of customer satisfaction. The clear and logical customer interface and the optimized components make dokk urban station one of the most compatible column for the needs of the customer. The wide scale of informations of the operative processes happen automatically, and this way it guarantees the proactive and efficient system management and the stable package of the developed security solutions.

Technical specification
Mechanical specification Stainless steel surface
Production capacity 1110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, 2A (standard)
PC CPU 32/64 bit, 4 core/1 socket, Intel Atom 1,91 Ghz
LCD touchscreen Abuse-proof
17 inch , high level of brightness
1280 x 1024 image resolution, 4:3
Ethernet Switch 5-ports 10/100/ 1000 BASE-T
RJ45 auto MDI/MDI-X function
Network Router 3 x 10/100 Ethernet ports
2 x MiniPCI slots
USB port
Network camera for supervision Image sensor ¼ inches progressive scan CMOS
video zip convert, H- 264/MJPEG
max. Image resolution: 1280x720 (25fps)
POS Terminál Contact card: EMV level 1 + level 2 certfied
Contactless: EMV level 1 certfied
EMV level 2:
  • Visa PayWave MSD + qVSDC
  • MasterCard PayPass Mag Stripe
Magnetic Stripe Card –ISO7811, track 1 + track 2
Other supported cards: NFC, MIFATE, HID-iClass
Remote controll security terminal USB (Host/device)
Readable interface
DEX/DDCMP, RS232 felület (RS232 or TTL level managable by softwares)
2 x open doors sensors, temperature sensor
Printer Printing process: direct wired
Paper wideness: 58mm / 60mm / 80mm / 83mm
Points: 432 pont / 448 pont / 576 pont / 640 pont
Resolution: 8 dots/mm (203dpi)
Printing speed: 200mm/sec. (max.)
Paper sensor: it feels when the paper is almost over / over (optional) BM(Black ink) sensor/gap sensor
2D: (optional): QR, Maxicode, MicroPDF417, PDF417, DataMatrix
External customer interface speaker, microfone, jack headphone plug>
2 x USB only in the case of manual charging
Pause-free batteries Min 24 hours in case of electric outage
Size Height: 2.300 mm
Width: 558 mm
Depth: 573 mm
Weight 340 kg

Smart City digital signage –on-screen information and advertisement flow

This digital interface means the urban oasis of the efficient city administration communication and for the advertising agencies because of the highest level of quality regarding the appearance, the functions and the customer experience, which it provides. A device and its multifunctional digital signage guarantees the opportunity for the immediate communication and its absolute visibility. The continuous updates and information flow takes the burdens off of the shoulder of the city administration and of the car drivers, because it is able to show the free and occupied parking places in the given parking zones. However, this is only the begining on the field of visual possibilities, which are offered by our device.

The caught attention and the quick delivery of the clear messages are guaranteed by the motion pictures display. – which can mean advertisment of events, programme guide, social awareness raising, campaign, or even profit based advertisement. This complex and efficient function not only means the flawless way to keep in touch with the citizens for the city administation, but also a significant resource of additional incomes. The urban dokk station also can function as extented placement of information and/or dataflow thanks to the SCDS potion. This function offers the possibility to integrate multiple functions in unity, meanwhile synchronize the whole city image.

Technical specification
Mechanical specification Stainless steel, aluminium
Production capacity 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1A (by display)
Display Type and size of the displax: LED 55 inches (16:9)
Image resolution: 1920x1080
Level of brightness: 2.000 cd/m2
Contrast: 4000:1
Glass surface on the display 9 mm PVB laminated glass
Ultra clean and supersecure
Media cancellation modul CPU 32/64 bit, 4 core/1 socket, Intel Atom 1,91 GHz

Smart City EV Charger – electric vehicle charger- SCEVC

The first steps of the future are happening in the present. Nothing proves it better than the great amount of investments, researches, implementation in the name of sustainibility. Plenty of companies, manufacturers, public entities, and the citizens integrated the environment consciousness in their everydays. The green lifestyle and approach is not the caprice of few people, but rather more a significant tendency, which includes the population more and more. The revolutionary innovations, which help to take care of our environment are more available and affordable for the common people, and therefore those started to be part of the blood circullation of the cities. Moreover these become organic parts of the liveable and efficient mechanisms of the cities.
It is worth for the city administration to support the appropriate and smooth use of the inventions developed by the best intention with some elements of coordination and proper services. The best example for this is the dynamic spread of the electric cars in the world, since their drivers attitude inclides the optimization not only of the use of energy, but also their time. It is not a surprise, because they are obviosly conscious citizens. Their desired time-efficiency is supported by the extented availibility of the city’s parking-fueling parallel. This way not only the car owners will be more satisfied, but everybody who we can find in the city, because with this solution the air pollution and the level of noise will be significantly decreased.

The dokk urban station can function as an extented green tankage station with the option of SCEVC, which offers the extension and support of the green delivery concept of the cities.

Technical specification
Mechanical specification Stainless steel, which is connected to SCSK
Production capacity 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3x16A (as double charging point)
Charging capacity Level 2
Double socket
Capacity on each socket
Clear charging capacity on each socket from 3,6 kW to 22 kW